An invitation to the Employee Engagement Survey - check your inbox!

Dear Colleagues,

In the last two weeks you've received an email invitation and reminders from on behalf of Tom Bogdan to participate in our inaugural Employee Engagement Survey.  It takes about 5-10 minutes and with your help and participation we will figure out together how to improve how we support the engagement, retention and contributions of our staff.  We’ll use the results from this survey to identify priority areas in FY14 that need attention and then managers will work with staff to determine next steps to make improvements.  The data from this survey serves as a baseline and will be used to measure our progress and also be compared against other workplaces and the information that we collect in future surveys so that we can determine how sustained and effective our improvement efforts have been in the long term.  Like our other important measures - including our scientific, facilities, administrative and service metrics - employee engagement is important to ensuring the health, effectiveness and success of our organization.

The invitation is from “Newmeasures” and the subject line is – “Reminder - Employee Survey Invitation from Tom Bogdan”.  This survey is confidential - individual responses and specific answers will be kept strictly confidential by Newmeasures, they will not share any personal information with UCAR that could be used to identify an individual and all data provided to UCAR by Newmeasures is aggregated in such a way that no responses can be connected to a specific person.  Within ten days of the close of the survey they will analyze and report out on the data to us to share with management and staff. The report will identify the drivers with the most powerful statistical linkage to overall organizational effectiveness and include recommendations on best practice action steps that lead to leadership and organization improvement and success.  In the following months, together, we will develop our plans and take action to improve how we support, retain, and value our staff.  Thanks in advance for your participation in the survey and teamwork, we couldn’t do this without you.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Helen Moshak on behalf of Tom Bogdan and the President's Council

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Announcement Timing: 
October 3, 2013