NCAR Community Art Program Exhibits

NCAR Community Art Program proudly presents two artists:

Photographer Mike Berenson’s work is the result of an ongoing pursuit to capture unique scenes in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains. A combination of great locations with perfect timing gives Berenson a style that attempts to capture the dream scenes he’s imaged in his mind. Berenson’s work will be on exhibit in the Mesa Lab Gallery l.

Painter Nancy Rynes is fascinated by ancient cultures: how they began, why they endured, and ultimately why they ended. In this particular series of work, “Children of the Rains”, Rynes explores various cultures of North America and how they are dependent in some form on the presence or absence of the rains. Rynes work will be on exhibit in the Mesa Lab Gallery ll.

Come and be inspired by their beautiful artwork!

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Announcement Timing: 
October 1, 2013 to November 29, 2013