The Great Front Range Flood of 2013

The deadly flood that occurred in the Front Range during the week of September 10, 2013 is believed to be the worst in the state's history. It claimed several lives and damaged numerous homes and roads. In the Research Application Laboratory of NCAR, an effort is being undertaken to understand the flood event and to improve our forecasting of future flood events through the development of an end-to-end hydrometeorological prediction system. In this presentation, we will present what has been learned so far from observations and hydrological modeling. We will also discuss our vision for an end-to-end hydrometeorological prediction system for tackling the challenging problem of flash flood prediction.

Seminar by Barbara Brown, Rita Roberts, Jenny Sun, and Dave Gochis

Friday, October 4th at 1:00 pm

FL2 Main Auditorium 1022

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