New Books at the NCAR Library 2013-09-10

These new acquisitions will be displayed at each NCAR Library location for one week, first at FL Library and then at ML Library. If you have questions regarding the new books or want to suggest additions to the library collection, please contact the NCAR Library at or ext. 8505.

Technical Description of version 4.5 of the Community Land Model (CLM)
Coordinating Lead Authors: Keith W. Oleson, David M. Lawrence
Lead Authors: Gordon B. Bonan,  Beth Drewniak, Maoyi Huang, Charles D. Koven, Samuel Levis, Fang Li, William J. Riley, Zachary M. Subin, Sean C. Swenson, Peter E. Thornton
Contributing Authors: Anil Bozbiyik, Rosie Fisher, Colette L. Heald, Erik Kluzek, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Peter J. Lawrence, L. Ruby Leung, William Lipscomb, Stefan Muszala, Daniel M. Ricciuto, William Sacks, Ying Sun, Jinyun Tang, Zong-Liang Yang
Publisher:  National Center for Atmospheric Research (U.S.) NCAR Earth System Laboratory, Climate and Global Dynamics Division
DOI: 10.5065/D6RR1W7M
Full text available
Call Number:  03705
Location:  ML Reports

Japanese Progress in Climatology, 2012
Editor:  Norihito Sato
Publisher:  Japan Climatology Seminar; Hosei University, Tokyo. Department of Geography
Call Number:  102105
Location:  ML Reports

Social Vulnerability and Migration in the Wake of Disaster: The Case of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Authors:  Candice A. Myers, Tim Slack, Joachim Singelmann
Publisher:  Springer Science+Business Media, LLC
Call Number:  102106
Location:  ML Reports

State of the Technology 2012
Publisher:  EPRI : Electric Power Research Institute
Download available
Call Number:  102107
Location:  ML Reports

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