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The UCAR Community Art Program proudly presents two new exhibits:

Mixed Media by Joanna Whitney

Joanna Whitney continues to explore intuition, automatic drawing, and Surrautonomism, a surrealist/automatic drawing technique she describes as creating a “big scribble” and searching for the drawing within it. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado, where she creates her personal work and commissions: “I have developed a way to create intuitive drawings for people as a psychic reading which makes commissions much more personal”. Whitney’s work will be on exhibit in UCAR Gallery I of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) August 2, 2015 to September 26, 2015. 

Photography by Max Seigal

Inspired by his love for the outdoors and all things wild, Max Seigal set out to capture the beauty of the natural world. With degrees in biology and environmental science, Seigal has spent the last few years travelling across the globe working on numerous conservation projects. These trips often lead him to some of the most remote and spectacular locations on the planet, providing wonderful opportunities for him to pursue his passion for photography. Seigal’s work will be on exhibit in UCAR Gallery II of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) August 2, 2015 to September 26, 2015.

For more information, contact Audrey Lewis at ext. 2570,

Mon, 08/03/2015

There were 19 articles by NCAR/UCAR staff recently added to OpenSky and published between July 1 and July 15, 2015:

Barre, J.D.P. EdwardsH.M. Worden, A. Da Silva, and W. Lahoz, 2015: On the feasibility of monitoring carbon monoxide in the lower troposphere from a constellation of Northern Hemisphere geostationary satellites. (Part 1). Atmospheric Environment113, 63-77, DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.04.069 | OpenSky

Dilling, L., M.E. Daly, W.R. Travis, O. Wilhelmi, and R.A. Klein, 2015: The dynamics of vulnerability: Why adapting to climate variability will not always prepare us for climate change. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change6, 413-425, DOI: 10.1002/wcc.341 | OpenSky

Geng, F., X. Mao, M. Zhou, S. Zhong, and D.H. Lenschow, 2015: Multi-year ozone concentration and its spectra in Shanghai, China. Science of the Total Environment521-522, 135-143, DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.03.082 | OpenSky

Holland, M., L. Landrum, 2015: Factors affecting projected Arctic surface shortwave heating and albedo change in coupled climate models. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Series A, Mathematical, Physical & Engineering Sciences, 373, DOI: 10.1098/rsta.2014.0162 | OpenSky

Junk, C., L. Delle Monache, and S. Alessandrini, 2015: Analog-based ensemble model output statistics. Monthly Weather Review143, 2909-2917, DOI: 10.1175/MWR-D-15-0095.1 | OpenSky

Katta, K.K., R.D. Nair, and V. Kumar, 2015: High-order finite volume transport on the cubed-sphere: Comparison between 1D and 2D reconstruction schemes. Monthly Weather Review, , 45 pp, DOI: 10.1175/MWR-D-13-00176.1 | OpenSky

Kleypas, J.A.F. Castruccio, E.N. Curchitser, and E. Mcleod, 2015: The impact of ENSO on coral heat stress in the western equatorial Pacific. Global Change Biology21, 2525-2539, DOI: 10.1111/gcb.12881 | OpenSky

Kumjian, M.R., Z.J. Lebo, and H. Morrison, 2015: On the mechanisms of rain formation in an idealized supercell storm. Monthly Weather Review143, 2754-2773, DOI: 10.1175/MWR-D-14-00402.1 | OpenSky

Kurdzo, J.M., D. Bodine, B.L. Cheong, and R.D. Palmer, 2015: High-temporal resolution polarimetric X-band Doppler radar observations of the 20 May 2013 Moore, Oklahoma, tornado. Monthly Weather Review143, 2711-2735, DOI: 10.1175/MWR-D-14-00357.1 | OpenSky

Lee, H., J. Kim, D.E. Waliser, P.C. Loikith, C.A. Mattmann, and S.A. McGinnis, 2015: Using joint probability distribution functions to evaluate simulations of precipitation, cloud fraction and insolation in the North America Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP). Climate Dynamics45, 309-323, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-014-2253-y | OpenSky

Lei, L., J. Hacker,  2015: Nudging, ensemble, and nudging ensembles for data assimilation in the presence of model error. Monthly Weather Revier, 143, 2600-2610. DOI: 10.1175/MWR-D-14-00295.1 | OpenSky

Nair, R.D., L. Bao, and M. Toy, 2015: A time-split discontinuous galerkin transport scheme for Global Atmospheric Model. Procedia Computer Science, 51, 2056-2065, DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2015.05.471 | OpenSky

Orwig, K.D., M.L. Ahlstrom, V. Banunarayanan, J. Sharp, J.M. Wilczak, J. Freedman, S. Haupt, J. Cline, O. Bartholomy, H.F. Hamann, B.-M. Hodge, C. Finley, D. Nakafuji, J.L. Peterson, D. Maggio, and M. Marquis, 2015: Recent trends in variable generation forecasting and its value to the power system. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy6, 924-933, DOI: 10.1109/TSTE.2014.2366118 | OpenSky

Oswald, E., L.-A. Dupigny-Giroux, E.M. Leibensperger, R. Poirot, and J. Merrell, 2015: Climate controls on air quality in the Northeastern U.S.: An examination of summertime ozone statistics during 1993–2012. Atmospheric Environment112, 278-288, DOI: 10.1016/j.atmosenv.2015.04.019 | OpenSky

Rorai, C., P.D. Mininni, and A. Pouquet, 2015: Stably stratified turbulence in the presence of large-scale forcing. Physical Review E92, 12 pp, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.92.013003 | OpenSky

Sanderson, B.M., R. Knutti, and P. Caldwell, 2015: A representative democracy to reduce interdependency in a multimodel ensemble. Journal of Climate, 28, 5171-5194, DOI: 10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00362.1 | OpenSky

Sanderson, B.M., R. Knutti, and P. Caldwell, 2015: Addressing interdependency in a multimodel ensemble by interpolation of model properties. Journal of Climate, 28, 5150-5170, DOI: 10.1175/JCLI-D-14-00361.1 | OpenSky

Tebaldi, C.B.C. O'Neill, and J.-F. Lamarque, 2015: Sensitivity of regional climate to global temperature and forcing. Environmental Research Letters10, DOI: 10.1088/1748-9326/10/7/074001 | OpenSky

Wu, T.-C., C. Velden, S. Majumdar, H. Liu, and J. Anderson,  2015: Understanding the influence of assimilating subsets of enhanced atmospheric motion vectors on numerical analyses and forecasts of tropical cyclone track and intensity with an ensemble Kalman filter. Monthly Weather Revier, 143, 2506-2531. DOI: 10.1175/MWR-D-14-00220.1 | OpenSky

Xiang, B.M. Zhao, X. Jiang, S.-J. Lin, T. Li, X. Fu, and G. Vecchi, 2015: The 3-4 week MJO prediction skill in a GFDL coupled model. Journal of Climate28, 5351-5364, DOI: 10.1175/JCLI-D-15-0102.1 | OpenSky

Yue, X.W.S. SchreinerY.H. Kuo, and J. Lei, 2015: Ionosphere equatorial ionization anomaly observed by GPS radio occultations during 2006-2011. Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics129, 30-40, DOI: 10.1016/j.jastp.2015.04.004 | OpenSky

Zeng, G., J.E. Williams, J.A. Fisher, L. Emmons, N.B. Jones, O. Morgenstern, J. Robinson, D. Smale, C. Paton-Walsh, and D.W. Griffith, 2015: Multi-model simulation of CO and HCHO in the Southern Hemisphere: Comparison with observations and impact of biogenic emissions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics15, 7217-7245, DOI: 10.5194/acp-15-7217-2015 | OpenSky

For more information, contact Michael Flanagan at ext. 1180,

Mon, 08/03/2015

There's still time to register to race up the hill!  

The annual Up The Hill Race and all-staff party is this Friday, August 7 at the Mesa Lab. The race starts at 3 p.m. on the road to the Mesa Lab.  It is about a mile race with a significant vertical climb.  We will have a running race and a bike race. The top three fastest times for men and for women will win race medals and bragging rights.  Sign up today at

If racing is not your cup of tea, we want all staff to come and cheer on the racers and celebrate. After the race, we will have the last summer all-staff party on the tree terrace at the Mesa Lab. Join us for cold beverages, appetizers, live music, and the best party venue in Boulder.  Families are welcome to attend.

For more information, contact Kristen Alipit at ext. 1661,

Mon, 08/03/2015

Staff members receive patents for inventions.

Congratulations are in order for several NCAR staff members who have obtained patents for their inventions. The staff members were recognized during an awards ceremony at the Mesa Lab on July 8, 2015.

“Innovation is at the core of the work throughout our labs and programs. It's always an honor to gather inventors and celebrate their successes in receiving patents,” said Meg McClellan, UCAR's Chief Legal Officer.

“The patents are just one reflection of the hours and years of research that was undertaken by these individuals. These inventions really do reflect the old saying that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ - many were created out of a need to find a better solution to a problem.” more>

For more information, contact Rebecca Swisher at ext. 8609,

Mon, 08/03/2015

The CISL User Services Section will hold a 60- to 75-minute seminar and discussion for Yellowstone users at 10 a.m. Friday, August 7, in the Small Seminar Room at the Foothills Lab in Boulder (FL2-1001). The session will also be webcast via UCARConnect.

Three brief presentations are planned:

Accessing RDA collections from Yellowstone: Grace Peng (CISL/DSS)—A large subset of NCAR/CISL Research Data Archive (RDA) dataset collections can be accessed directly from the GLADE file spaces on Yellowstone. This presentation will provide an overview of the RDA resources and tools, including metadata access and subsetting services, that are available to Yellowstone users.

Simple “command file” syntax for task parallelism: Dick Valent (CISL/USS/CSG)—By using command file syntax to exploit characteristics of your workflow, you may be able to achieve task parallelism to make more efficient use of your Yellowstone allocation and reduce time to solution. Command file syntax can be used in forms from simple to complex. Dick will present the simplest form of command file.

Real-time, ensemble forecasting using CISL resources: Ryan Sobash (MMM)—A daily, real-time, ensemble forecasting system has been running at NCAR since late March using Yellowstone and other CISL resources. Ryan will talk about some unique computing challenges this type of system poses, solutions developed to maintain reliability and timeliness, and the development of an ensemble visualization system and website ( to view the forecasts.

All Yellowstone users are welcome. If you plan to attend in person, please sign up here to give us an idea of how many participants to expect.

For more information, contact B.J. Smith at ext. 1273,

Fri, 07/31/2015

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) is excited to announce the relaunch of our Website with new features.  We invite you to visit our site today.  If you missed our recent IP webinar or just want to review the presentation and slides, they are available here:  Copyright, Trademark or Patent?   

For more information, contact Christy Locke at ext. 8874,

Thu, 07/30/2015

It’s time to nominate your colleagues for the 2015 UCAR Distinguished Achievement and Outstanding Accomplishment Awards. Michael Thompson's memo requesting nominations for this year's awards can be found on the Employee Recognition Awards Policy website. In order for your submission to be favorably considered, please use the appropriate Criteria Checklist (there are two): for either the Distinguished Achievement Award and/or for one of the Outstanding Accomplishments Awards.

Submit your nominations electronically to Susan Montgomery-Hodge, either on a flash drive or to the UCAR at CIT (U) drive. Although any employee may initiate a nomination, only Directors or their designates can submit nominations.

The deadline for this year’s nominations is Friday, October 16th.

For more information, contact Susan Montgomery-Hodge at ext. 1653,

Wed, 07/29/2015

The annual Up The Hill Race and all-staff party will be Friday, August 7 at the Mesa Lab. If you want to participate in the running or the bike race, please sign up at The schedule is as follows, and the shuttle schedule will not change for the day:

  • 2:55 Mesa Lab road closes
  • 3:00 Bike Race and Bar Opens
  • Road will open between the bike and the foot races (approximately 3:15)
  • 3:25 Mesa Lab road closes
  • 3:30 Foot Race
  • Road will re-open after the last racer (approximately 4:00)

After the race, we will have the last summer all-staff party on the tree terrace at the Mesa Lab. Join us for cold beverages, appetizers, live music by the Craig Maierhofer Trio, and social time with your colleagues. Families are welcome to attend.

New! The bar will open at 3:00 PM along with appetizers. 

For more information, contact Kristen Alipit at ext. 1661,

Wed, 07/29/2015

These new acquisitions will be displayed at each NCAR Library location for one week, first at FL Library and then at ML Library. If you have questions regarding the items or want to suggest additions to the library collection, please contact the NCAR Library at or ext. 8505.

An Introduction to Lightning
Authors: Vernon Cooray
Publisher: Springer
Location: FL Library
Call Number: QC966 .C66 2015

Lightning Protection for Engineers: An Illustrated Guide for Critical High Value Facilities In Accord With Recognized Codes And Standards, Revised and Updated 2013
Author: Richard Kithil
Publisher: National Lightning Safety Institute (NLSI)
Location: ML Library
Call Number: TH9057 .L485 2013

For more information, contact NCAR Library at ext. 8505,

Tue, 07/28/2015

Traveling abroad? Need to brush up on a foreign language for international collaboration?

Transparent Language Online is an online language learning application available to the UCAR/NCAR/UCP community through the NCAR Library. This product offers free remote access anytime from anywhere for over 80 languages. It provides personal progress tracking as well as audio pronunciation analysis and cultural resources.

Access is available through the Transparent Language NCAR Library login page. Your initial visit will require a one-time set-up process for your account. Once you have established your account a mobile application is available.

See more at NCAR Library On-Line Resources.

For more information, contact NCAR Reference at

For more information, contact NCAR Library at ext. 8505,

Wed, 07/22/2015
Please join us in celebrating Richard Anthes!

  Event: Distinguished Scholar Talk and Celebration 

  Topic: Contributions of Radio Occultation to Weather and Climate: Using the World’s          Most Accurate and Precise Thermometer from Space

  Date:  Monday, August 17, 2015, 2pm

  Location:  Main Seminar Room, Mesa Lab

  Refreshments:  Beverages, hors d'oeuvres, and merriment to follow the talk!

  All are welcome, please share this invitation!      

For more information, contact Marissa Miller at ext. 1108,

Tue, 07/21/2015

Per the previous Heads Up announcement, Contracts issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to solicit a vendor for the next office supply Non-Encumbered Blanket Purchase Order (NBPO).  This process is now complete.  Faison Office Products was the successful vendor in this RFP.  Thanks to all those who participated in the evaluation process!

If your lab/program wants to purchase office supplies through this NBPO, please submit a Purchase Requisition (PR) to Contracts at  The account key series for the lab/program should be used on the PR with the exception of account keys in 30xxxx, 31xxxx, or 32xxxx.  Also, the person(s) authorizing the PR must have at least $5,000 in signature authority for the account key series included on the PR.   Please utilize the NBPO Purchase Requisition form found on the Contracts webpage under Contract Forms.

Please submit the PRs for this NBPO to Contracts no later than Friday July 17, 2015. 

Please direct any questions regarding this NBPO or the ordering process to Justin Lee at or 303-497-2069

For more information, contact Justin Lee at ext. 2069,

Wed, 07/15/2015