Full day VPN outage Sunday, Sept 22

We will be replacing our VPN and Tipping Point servers on Sunday, September 22.  Due to extensive changes in hardware and networking requirements, we are reserving a full day for this work.  The outage may begin any time after 6 AM, with VPN returned to service by 5 PM.  While there may be moments throughout the day where VPN is functioning, we expect the service to be up and down as we complete the necessary cabling and configuration.  To receive notification of when the work is complete and the service stable, you may sign up on the VPN Notifier list at https://notifier.ucar.edu/.  (Log in, click Subscribe from the lefthand menu bar, and look for "VPN".)

We are unfortunately not able to combine this work with the Mesa Lab powerdown on October 12, as we are operating under a deadline from the vendor to return old equipment for trade-in value.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 

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September 9, 2013