Yellowstone, GLADE, HPSS outage starting September 30

CISL, IBM, and Mellanox have set Monday, September 30, as the start date for the process of replacing the Yellowstone InfiniBand cables, previously announced in July. Users should plan for Yellowstone being out of service for up to three weeks from that date. GLADE and HPSS will be out of service for several days at the start of the activity.

The current plan for the outage has the following general phases:

* A full downtime will be taken Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 to remove the existing cables, conduct preventive maintenance in the NWSC central utility plant, and perform a file system check on GLADE. Yellowstone, GLADE, Geyser and Caldera will all be unavailable during this time. During the first part of the utility maintenance, HPSS will also be taken out of service.

* GLADE, the Geyser and Caldera clusters, and HPSS will be returned to service as soon as possible (along with the Yellowstone login nodes) to permit users to conduct analysis, visualization, and data access tasks.

* The recabling of the Yellowstone batch nodes will take approximately two weeks. After recabling is complete, CISL expects to restore the full system to service without additional downtime for GLADE, Geyser, and Caldera.

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August 21, 2013 to August 27, 2013