Updated Postdoc Guideline

The Postdoc Guideline has been updated effective May 1, 2013 so that Postdoctoral Fellow and the new Postdoctoral Researcher are both under the postdoc umbrella. The two jobs will parallel each other with the Fellow doing self-directed research and the Researcher working on pre-defined research and deliverables. The current Postgraduate Scientist title will expire at the completion of incumbent terms and all new hires will instead be classified as Postdoctoral Researcher (PDR). The current Postdoc title is changed to Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF).  There are no changes to terms or pay for current employees in these classifications. Please contact your lab or program Administrator or Terry Woods in HR for additional information.
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Announcement Timing: 
May 9, 2013 to May 13, 2013