UCAR ESL Writing Workshop: Writers in Dialogue with Readers

Writers in Dialogue with Readers: How Researchers Construct Text as Information Delivery Vehicles for Defined Audiences

10:30-12:00am, 1 May 2013, FLA-2111

By Steven T. Olson

Scientific and academic writing is a dialogue between writers and readers.  As such, writing must conform to disciplinary norms that shape discourse and differentiate text from the relative informality of speech. 

This lecture/workshop focuses participants on the production of text as a dialogue, with special emphasis on how writers become visible in their papers.  We will analyze a number of published texts to identify how authors situate themselves within a discourse, thereby facilitating the dialogue intrinsic to academic text production.  Specific concerns to be examined include: first person pronouns (function and distribution), active vs. passive voice constructions, distinguishing the function of which from that, semantic bridges vs. subordinate conjunctions, and structuring the introduction of text.  Throughout, our concern is with understanding text as more than a mere vessel to be filled with content; rather, the text is understood as a vehicle for the delivery of content. 

To make sure that we have a proper room for all participants, please email Leiwen Jiang if you plan to participate in this workshop.

* Steve Olson has taught Academic Writing for Foreign Students (ESLG 1210), Advanced Written Composition (ESLG 1222), and Research Writing at University of Colorado, Boulder.  In addition, he has frequently edited theses and dissertations as well as manuscripts for publication. 

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April 24, 2013