Next Generation Climate Data Products Workshop

Next Generation Climate Data Products Workshop (IMAGe Theme of the Year)   When: July 15-19, 2013 Where: National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder CO. Website:   Graduate student and early career scientist abstracts due April 30, 2013.  Travel funds are available. This workshop will bring together statistical and data scientists with those modeling climate and climate impacts to share ideas on improving the creation of data products.   Workshop goals:
  • Identify data products and analytical tools needed by the climate impact research communities.
  • Explore and address challenges to creating high spatial- and temporal-resolution data products, with associated uncertainty.
  • Facilitate collaboration among the statistics, climate modeling, and climate impact communities, and, where appropriate, form working groups on specific topics that will persist beyond the workshop.

Even with the availability of homogeneous and quality controlled observations, the challenge remains to create data products that are of sufficient spatial and temporal quality to address a broad range of problems in climate research. In particular, there is a need to attach various measures of uncertainty to these products to facilitate comparison to, and among, numerical experiments, or when used as input to other models for climate impact assessment. While there are rich methodologies for incorporating spatial and space-time data into models it is unclear how much complexity is merited in practice and what methods are most appropriate and consistent with process knowledge for these climate data problems.

Real world climate applications provide insight into the kinds of data products needed to actually support decisions and planning. Creation of these next generation data products require innovative modeling methodology and collaboration among disciplines. The Next Generation Climate Data Workshop, as part of the IMAGe 2013 Climate Analytics Theme-of-the-Year, will bring together the necessary knowledge and tools to evaluate, improve, and implement better science products and decision-support structures.   Information about participating in the workshop will be available on the website.  For more information, to get involved, or to sign up to receive announcements, please contact Caspar Ammann (, Andrew Finley ( or Doug Nychka (  
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April 10, 2013 to April 30, 2013