Improving Your Writing

UCAR ESL Writing Workshop Improving Your Writing

Dr. Laurie Albright * (, 303 499-1854)andDr. Theresa Noland * (, 303 499-5966)

“Finish Your Damn Dissertation”

10:00-11:30am, 11 April 2013FL2, Room 1003

High quality writing is an indication of clear thinking and attention to detail. Readers make judgments about the entirety of the written work based on simple mistakes or sloppy writing, perhaps unfairly. For this reason, it’s critical that all submitted writing be of the highest caliber.

In this interactive workshop, we will analyze some sample writings from the NCAR ESL staff by focusing on the clarity of sentences. Meanwhile, we will touch on the subjects on the top of the interested topics from previous surveys of NCAR ESL staff, such as the correct usage of prepositions, articles, verb tenses, frequently misused words, and tips on the key words that indicate the temporal, spatial or logical relationship of its object to the rest of a sentence.

Please send us a short (2 paragraphs to one page) sample of your writing (unedited, mistakes and all) by Monday, April 8, so we can use real-life examples from the group for analysis and teaching. Even if you can’t send us a writing sample, please come anyway.  Please contact either of us before the class if you have questions or requests. We look forward to working with you. 

To make sure that we have a proper room for all participants, please email Jielun Sun ( if you plan to participate in this workshop.

* The presenters have edited the written work of Ph.D. students, professional scientists, university professors, and high-level politicians.  Projects have included grant proposals of over a million dollars, Ph.D. theses, not-for-profit annual reports, and articles published in professional journals in areas including atmospheric science, computer science, nursing, health communication, unlicensed health care workers, music analysis, and biology.  Theresa is a retired K-12 and university educator, and Laurie is a retired law school administrator who has helped hundreds of law students prepare successful proposals and employment documents.  Together they have helped dozens of writers become “Successful Writers” through their company, “Finish Your Damn Dissertation.” Sir Winston Churchill:  “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.”

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March 27, 2013 to April 10, 2013