Medical Emergencies and First Aid

Medical Emergencies and First Aid

What should you do when you, a co-worker, or visitor is sick or injured and requires medical assistance?

Call 911 from any desk phone

  • Your 911 call will be answered by the Mesa Lab security/front desk, which is staffed 24/7
  • State the nature of the emergency and where the injured or ill person is located (building and room number)
  • Security/front desk will immediately notify city emergency dispatch, send a security officer to the scene, and prepare to escort emergency responders to the location
  • Average expected response time by city emergency responders for Boulder and Broomfield campuses is 5-8 minutes

First Aid Kits and AEDs

First Aid Kits are located in all building common areas. More extensive first aid kits, along with automated external defibrillators (AEDs), are located at the FL2, CG1, and ML front desks. RAF and NWSC have first aid kits and an AED located in their first aid rooms.

UCAR’s MERT team deactivated

For a number of years UCAR had a Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT), a group of employee volunteers, drawn from all UCAR sites. This group received training in adult first aid and CPR. In recent years voluntary membership in this team has declined, and as a result Safety and Site Services has deactivated this program. All emergencies are now handled through the 911 system.

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March 22, 2013