Software security advisory mailing list (take two)

Apologies to those who tried to subscribe yesterday, the link provided did not work as intended.  The announcement is repeated, with better directions for subscribing at the end.

You've probably heard a lot of news lately about Java vulnerabilities.  Every other day your computer is presenting you with popup notifications telling you to apply updates.  It can be hard to keep up, and you may be left wondering if your machine is protected.

The Security Engineering Group provides notifications via a Notifier list of important patches to apply to commonly used software.  For example, we cover notifications for apps such as Chrome, Firefox, Java, Flash, and Reader.  While we can't provide updates on every piece of software you may have installed on your computer, we can at least help you keep track of what is needed for the most commonly installed (and targeted) software.

We do our best to keep our notifications jargon-free and easily understandable.  Signing up for this Notifier list is optional, and is intended to help you keep your personal computers protected.  For questions or concerns about protecting your UCAR/NCAR-supported systems, check with your divisional systems administrators.

To subscribe, go to and log in using your UCAS password or token.Click the Subscribe link on the left side of the page.

Search for the list called "Patches".

Check the Subscribed box for Patches and click Submit.

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March 13, 2013