President's Council

President’s Council Summary Notes

January 29, 2013

Present for all items: Tom Bogdan, Maura Hagan, Hanne Mauriello, Katy Schmoll, Kathy Strand, and Roger Wakimoto

Present for Item 1: Delaine Orendorff and Bob Roesch

Present for Item 2: Aaron Andersen, Anke Kamrath, and Shawn Winkelman

Present for Item 3: Aaron Andersen, Anke Kamrath, Rich Loft, and Shawn Winkelman

1.  Range Structures:

As requested, after previous discussion at the UMC about perceived salary issues, Delaine Orendorff presented several options for changing the salary range structures for the President’s Council to think about.  Council members felt the existing range structure most fairly administers our salaries, and that we needed to determine carefully if there is a problem with regard to specific job categories, and if so, correct it under the current system.

 2.  Co-location Options

In the ongoing effort to consolidate Lab/Division/Program computer rooms to save energy and use space more appropriately, Aaron Andersen presented some options for co-locating computer rooms based on efficiency cost savings as well as operating cost savings.  The Council affirmed that the current Mesa Lab computing area (ML 29) will become the main computing center, and transition of satellite computing efforts to this location would begin when design and modification for ML29 was completed. 

 3.  Shared Usage of ML Computer Room

Anke Kamrath and Shawn Winkelman presented a request from the Colorado School of Mines to house some of their computer equipment in the ML computer room on a temporary basis.  The agreement has been carefully reviewed, and benefits both the School of Mines, since their computer room is still under construction, and UCAR, as we will be given a percentage of time to use the equipment, and it is equipment we are interested in testing for future use.  There is adequate space in ML29 to house this, as well as to begin the transition of equipment from satellite locations, so the Council approved the request. 

 4.  Washington, D.C. Office

Since the UCAR condominium has been sold, UCAR has leased a small office space in downtown Washington, D.C. for use by UCAR staff on an as-needed basis if they are there conducting business.  In addition, one of the current UCAR staff members, Mike Henry, in the Office of Development and Partnerships, will begin working in Washington beginning April 1.  Staff wishing to access this space should contact Mike.

5.  Unstructured Discussion:

The Council spent some time discussing various aspects of the new indirect cost rate methodology.

The President’s Council adjourned at 4:15 pm.

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February 1, 2013 to February 15, 2013