UCAR ESL English Editing/Coaching Project

The UCAR ESL Program has sponsored a group of three editors to proof-read/edit manuscripts and technical reports for UCAR staff members, especially non-native English speakers. The contracted editors are Debra Biasca, Steve Olsen, and Mary Golden (Please check the UCAR ESL web site below for their CVs.). The project is still ongoing and will end when the time used by the three editors adds up to 120 hours or by 30 May 2013. The remaining editing hours are posted and updated at the UCAR ESL web site.

Any interested staff member (on UCAR Payroll) can directly contact one of the three editors for his/her editing needs, and email to the chosen editor the manuscript (e.g. ~ 20 pages) in either Word or pdf format. Please allow one to two weeks for the editor to return an edited version of a paper.

At the end of this project, a seminar/panel discussion will be hosted by these three editors on common issues of academic writing based on their experience of working with UCAR staff members. Please contact Leiwen Jiang (ljang@ucar.edu, x-8122) or Jielun Sun (jsun@ucar.edu, x-8994) for further information regarding this program.

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January 31, 2013 to February 8, 2013