President's Council Summary Notes

November 16, 2012


Present for all items: Tom Bogdan, Katy Schmoll, Roger Wakimoto, Maura Hagan, Hanne Mauriello, Kathy Strand

Present for Item 1: Shawn Winkelman, Aaron Andersen, and Anke Kamrath (via phone)

1.  Enterprise Architecture.

Shawn, Aaron, and Anke presented changes that could be considered in order to develop and maintain an effective long-range enterprise IT strategy that is aligned with and supports organization strategy.  They suggested:

a) Reconstituting the Information Technology Council (ITC);

b) Delegating decision making authority to ITC co-chairs; and

c) Instituting an Enterprise Architecture discipline, overseen by the ITC co-chairs.

The Council agreed with their approach, recommending also that as they look at their resource allocation road map they proceed in a slow, thoughtful, and sensitive manner.

2.  Debrief of the NSF Reverse Site Visit.

Council members felt the reverse site visit was quite successful.  Katy will manage the follow up to the questions that came out of the discussion. 

3.  Debrief of the NCAR Science Day at NSF.

Maura Hagan reported the NCAR Science Day at NSF went very well.  Presenters did a great job and the live feed of the solar eclipse in Australia was a big success.  Representatives of several NSF divisions attended the sessions

4.  Program Review.

Scott Rayder reviewed expectations for the December 19th review, which is a preparation for briefings on the Hill.  He would like for the presenters to include budget numbers and be able to describe in a very short period of time some key elements of their programs.  This will help those making visits to OMB and other Washington agencies become educated about the work at UCAR, and give Lab and Program directors an idea of how to prepare for such visits.

5.  Unstructured Discussion.

Roger reported that NSF has changed its policy and NCAR senior personnel will now be allowed to charge up to two month’s salary on NSF solicited proposals.  This applies to all proposals going forward. 

The President’s Council adjourned at 3:30.

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November 29, 2012 to December 2, 2012