Could an NCAR Technical Note Help Disseminate Your Research?

James Done, project scientist with MMM, had a dilemma. He and his collaborators had developed a Regional Climate Tutorial to be presented during the 13th annual WRF workshop held in June 2012. This mini tutorial covered aspects such as best practices for dynamically downscaling climate model data to high-resolution regional area, model uncertainty, dynamical-statistical approaches to downscaling and applications of regional climate downscaling. They knew their subject matter held great community interest and wanted to efficiently and effectively provide access to their emerging research prior to the tutorial presentation. The “immediate dissemination” of the research was a priority and employing the NCAR Technical Note publication process addressed his concerns and needs. Approximately 100 participants attended the tutorial; with twenty individuals requesting access to the research “on the spot”.  Included in the tutorial was the Tech Note link within NCAR’s OpenSky repository to provide immediate access.  “Building on the success of this first tutorial, more in depth tutorials will be held at NCAR and at national and international partner institutes in the future”, says Done.

Six Technical Notes have been published this year alone from various divisions throughout our organization. The NCAR Technical Notes series is available to everyone and serves to communicate research in progress but not at a point of a formal journal article. While internally focused it is externally available to the global community through OpenSky.  The NCAR Technical Notes series provides an outlet for:

  • Support for  the publishing and distribution process
  • Ensures that DOIs are assigned
  • Provides citeable URLs and discovery within OpenSky
  • Ensures long-term preservation and accessibility

The NCAR Library supports the online publication, distribution and preservation process. For more information, please contact OpenSky.

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November 27, 2012 to November 30, 2012