President's Council Summary Notes

October 24, 2012, Presidents Council meeting

Present for all items:  Tom Bogdan, Maura Hagan, Hanne Mauriello, Katy Schmoll, Roger Wakimoto

Present for Item 1: Rena Brasher-Alleva

Present for Items 2, 3, and 4:  Scott Rayder, Mike Henry, and Matt Hirschland

Present for Items 5:  Scott Rayder, Aneka Finley, Susan Friberg, Matt Hirschland, and Cindy Schmidt

 1.  Indirect Rate Methodology.

 Katy Schmoll discussed the plans to prepare for the implementation of NSF’s new indirect rate methodology, which will go into effect at the start of FY14.

2.  Weather Commission Update.

 Scott Rayder discussed the next steps to gather feedback and input from the entire weather community on the Weather Commission.  Plans include an open invitation letter from Tom inviting participation on a message board during the month of November. The comments will be compiled, sorted, and organized into academic, government, and private sector.

3.  AGU and AMS Planning.

 Scott Rayder related that Tom will present the compilation of comments on the Weather Commission at the December 3-7 AGU meeting.  The Weather Commission message board will be re-opened after the AGU meeting so that additional comments can be received.  Tom will give a keynote address on the Weather Commission at the AMS meeting, on January 7th. 

4.  Need for Central Event Planning.

 Scott Rayder discussed ideas to coordinate attendance at meetings such as the annual AMS, AGU, and AAAS including participants’ presentations so these can be publicized ahead of time.  Booths at events also need to present a more cohesive appearance.  Any staff going to D.C. should alert Rayder, in case other synergistic activities can be coordinated and arranged.

5.  Post-Mortem on October 14-19 Meetings. 

 Tom Bogdan reviewed the week’s events and congratulated Cindy Schmidt on her management of the excellent NWSC grand opening and Susan Friberg and Aneka Finley on their arrangements for the Board, Members, PACUR, Academic Affiliates, and Heads and Chairs meetings.  Members seemed to appreciate the opportunity to participate in discussions about NCAR’s next strategic plan.

6.  Unstructured Discussion.

 In preparation for the 2013-2018 NSF Cooperative Agreement renewal, Tom Bogdan presented some ideas about a UCAR Strategic Plan for discussion.

 Maura Hagan stated that the dry run for the NCAR Science Day at NSF is scheduled for November 2. 

The President’s Council adjourned at 12:45 pm.

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November 9, 2012 to November 16, 2012