President's Council Summary Notes

October 5, 2012

Present for all items: Tom Bogdan, Katy Schmoll, Roger Wakimoto, Maura Hagan, Hanne Mauriello, Kathy Strand

Present for Item 1: Raj Pandya

1.  Future Directions for SPARK and Its Role in Supporting UCAR, NCAR and UCP.

Raj Pandya suggested that Spark might lead a community engagement initiative tentatively called "Partners in Science". In this initiative, SPARK would try to seed collaborative projects which integrate education into research and involve community members (especially from communities that have historically been under-represented in science).  Spark would engage with communities to identify, initiate, and guide projects that engage the expertise of UCAR scientists and university members. The President’s Council encouraged SPARK to develop a five-year business plan which would describe start-up resources needed, strategies for sustained external funding, and a final outlook that includes metrics of success.  The PC also affirmed that Spark was appropriately located in UCP, the tour and visitor program at the Mesa Lab was a valuable connection to the local and regional community, and asked Pandya and Hanne Mauriello to review proposal guidelines to allow SPARK to apply for external funding as appropriate to its mission and without competing unfairly with NCAR, other UCP programs, or the University community.

 2.  NCAR’s Science Day at NSF.

Maura Hagan reviewed the latest plans for NCAR’s Science Day at NSF, which will be held November 13th.  Three talks -  on Derechos, Climate and Extreme Events, and Wind Energy - have been scheduled for the morning.   Several poster presentations will take place in the afternoon.  Presenters will prepare short documents with additional information for handouts.  

 3.  New Use for the Fleischmann Building.

Katy Schmoll reported that eight suggestions for new use of the Fleischmann Building had been received.  Of overriding concern in making a decision were providing additional meeting facilities for the Mesa Lab, a permanent presence rather than itinerant use, and that any use must recognize the difficulty in making any changes to the structure.  The Fleischmann Building is owned by NSF.  We have informed NSF of the move.

 4.  Unstructured Discussion.

Tom Bogdan reported on some of the themes emerging from his university visits and the meeting in Washington, D.C. to roll out the latest BASC report and introduction of the concept of a U.S. Weather Commission.  Hanne Mauriello reported on the successful UCP Director’s Retreat.

The President’s Council adjourned at 12:00.

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October 29, 2012 to November 2, 2012