Staff News: NWSC opens - our new home for big data

Inside the NWSC openingThe NWSC debuted with a flourish on Monday, October 15, in a grand opening event that brought together officials and dignitaries from the institutions that collaborated to make the center a reality. Check out a YouTube clip of the ribbon cutting and a slideshow of the proceedings.

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Power meets efficiencyThough it’s become a trendy concept, “big data” is a realm that NCAR scientists and their collaborators pioneered to help shape the nation’s infrastructure for weather prediction and related research. 

10 ways Yellowstone will make a differenceHere are 10 examples of how the new system coming online at the NWSC—and systems to come—are poised to tackle major challenges confronting our society. 

Accelerated scientific discoveryFirst in the queue for Yellowstone is a set of 11 computing-intensive projects approved as part of the two-month-long Accelerated Scientific Discovery initiative. 

A public-private success storyA great deal of work had already taken place before workers turned over the first mound of soil on the prairie that now houses the NWSC.

Key moments in NCAR supercomputingState-of-the-art computing and big-data processing have been  part of NCAR from the center’s earliest years. 

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Announcement Timing: 
October 24, 2012 to November 2, 2012