UCAR Management Committee

7 September 2012 Meeting Summary

President’s Report                                                                                         Tom Bogdan

The Board of Trustees’ August retreat discussion included the desired governance changes (for a task group review at the Fall Members Meeting) and optimal uses for UCAR’s General Fund.

The proposal for renewal of UCAR’s contract with NSF has been submitted for review.   A new contract for the operation of NCAR should be in place by September 2013. 

UCAR is spearheading an effort for a bipartisan Commission on Weather Policy, with a goal of congressional approval in 2013.   

UCP’s new GLOBE Director is Tony Murphy from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN.

UCP is recruiting and seeking nominations for a new COMET Director.

To provide guidance to the UMC for leadership and management, Bogdan provided members with copies of the book “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.

Working Group (WG) Reports

The six Working Groups consult with and make recommendations to the UMC.  Specific proposals/recommendations will then be presented to the President’s Council.

1.  UCAR/University Relations                                                                          Vanda Grubišić

They are interfacing with PACUR and the BOT Governance Task Group on elements of a survey to be conducted by WG 2.  The Annual Meeting of 16-17 October 2012 will include a discussion with NCAR scientists and university faculty on community priorities for NCAR as it develops its new strategic plan.

2.  Vision and Brand                                                                                        Sue Schauffler

A brand is an organization’s identity and the reputation that it has among its stakeholders and potential partners.  An online survey of about 1,400 stakeholders is being developed in concert with a professional survey company and informed by PACUR and BOT input.  The WG will share report findings with the UMC by December and then formulate plans to address recommendations.

3.  Internal Relationships                                                                                Raj Pandya

The WG selected one aspect of the broad topic because it is most timely—the UPC and UCAR relationship.  This organization view is separate from organization-wide cultural issues that the group is considering.  The WG report will be distributed to the UMC for comment at the November 2012 UMC meeting.


4.  Administrative Efficiency & Agility                                                            Bill Mahoney

The WG’s goal is to provide constructive suggestions for continuous improvement to take our organization from good to great.  They believe administrative functions are doing more with less on a shoestring budget, creating cascading issues.  Top concerns have been identified via a survey.  The WG will next meet with UCAR subject matter experts to propose actionable solutions for the UMC and President’s Council.

5.  UCAR/NCAR/NSF Relationships                                                                  Jeff Reaves

There has been greater strategic alignment between UCAR/NCAR and the NSF in recent months allowing the WG to focus on operational issues affecting middle managers and administrators, as identified by the WG’s survey results.  A draft report soliciting feedback will be sent to the UMC by end of September.

6.  Workforce                                                                                                  Helen Moshak

The WG recommends a regular “climate survey” of staff in two-year intervals, starting this winter.  They are exploring survey methodologies as well as a management 360 review across UCAR.

Senior Advisor Information                                                                          Scott Rayder

Rayder described his role as development – finding new sources of funding for our research and applications in the weather and climate community, as well as the larger scientific community.  He is confident opportunities exist even as we see decreases in the Federal budget.

UMC Adjourned.

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October 3, 2012 to October 5, 2012