AtmosNews In Depth: The Futures of Water

A splash of realityUntil supplies approach a trickle--or a torrent--public attention seldom focuses on water issues. But water is consistently Topic A for a wide-ranging group of researchers. more

Three states of waterStates are having to make tough decisions regarding their water use and their interaction with water. NCAR scientists are involved in collaborative projects in Colorado, Louisiana, and Oklahoma to evaluate the long-term effects of today’s decisions. more

Reservoirs beneath our feetOne of the largest bodies of water in the United States, the Ogallala Aquifer, lies underground. Crucial to life in the U.S. Great Plains, it's one of many aquifers around the world under stress as water demands increase. Satellite data are now painting a richer picture of how these water stores are evolving. more

Who needs glaciers?As rising temperatures melt glaciers around the world, scientists are tracking the changes and helping glacier-dependent regions adapt to a changing water supply. more

Keeping the tap flowingAn engineer and water policy expert, David Behar is one of the nation’s leading voices on ways to weave weather and climate knowledge into water management. more

Zooming in: Drought and floodWhen there's too much--or too little--water. more

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August 14, 2012 to August 31, 2012