PLANNED OUTAGE: UCAR Business Applications including Time Card, 7pm Tue July 3 through Noon Wed July 4

SUBJECT:  UCAR Business Applications Will Be Offline

DATE/TIME:  7pm Tue July 3 through Noon Wed July 4

SERVICES AFFECTED:  The following UCAR Business Applications Will Be Offline During This Outage:

  • Time Card
  • Meeting Maker
  • Room & Resource Scheduler
  • Online Travel
  • Signature Authority
  • IFAS/Bi-Tech
  • iVantage and Connect
  • Data Warehouse/ART
  • F&A Web Pages
  • Email for FandA IT Supported Staff

REASON:  A utility power outage last Sunday affected the CG2 computer room's battery backup system (UPS).  A part of the UPS will be replaced Wednesday morning, however it requires shutting off power to the UPS and the computer systems that it serves.  To be ready first thing in the morning, some systems will be shut down Tuesday evening.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Wednesday, July 4, 2012