Staff News: Strategic plan, wildfire season, Yellowstone, senior scientists

Help build NCAR's next strategic plan
Planning for the next NCAR strategic plan is underway and NCAR director Roger Wakimoto wants broad input from staff and organizational stakeholders.

Wildfire season - What to know
This year’s active wildfire season has seen a number of steps taken by the county and state to reduce the risk of wildfire, including a statewide ban on open fires. At NCAR and UCAR, security, safety, and facilities staff have also stepped up vigilance, particularly at the Mesa Lab.

Yellowstone arrives
Deliveries of the Yellowstone supercomputing system began late last month at the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center. As more and more equipment arrives via trucks of all sizes, delivery crews, IBM technicians, and staff from NCAR's Computational and Information Sciences Laboratory are stepping into high gear.

Three NCAR researchers join senior scientist ranks
At its May meeting, the UCAR Board of Trustees appointed three new NCAR senior scientists: Frank Bryan (NESL/CGD), Hanli Liu (HAO), Sarah Gibson (HAO).

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