New on AtmosNews: COSMIC follow-up, automated dropsondes, and more

The latest in our AtmosNews in-depth series about the impact of NCAR and UCAR science on everyday life is now online.  Learn about:
  • initial plans for a COSMIC-2 mission, with perspective from UCP's COSMIC office
  • a new version of the NCAR-designed GPS dropsonde, which will descend from a remotely piloted NASA aircraft to gather vital data from Atlantic hurricanes this year
  • and more
You'll also find several articles from the AtmosNews print magazine (spring/summer 2012), which was distributed to staff last week.  Find out:
  • why citing data can be a challenge, and the best practices put forth by participants at a recent NCAR-hosted workshop
  • what our scientists are learning about the role of the Bering Strait in past, present, and future climate
  • how Unidata is making the National Weather Service's upgraded graphics software available to campuses
  • what Houston's mayor has to say about wild weather, climate change, and sustainability 
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June 5, 2012 to June 15, 2012