Retreat! Software Development In The Trenches...

The UCAR Software Engineering Assembly is pleased to present a seminar by Sean Reifschneider of titled "Retreat! Software Development in the Trenches."

Where: CG1-1210 South Auditorium
When: 2012 May 31st @ 3:10pm

Late last year I somehow managed to haul myself out of bed before 7am on a Saturday and attend a Code Retreat. We spent the day, except for a lunch break, splitting into groups of 2 or 3 people and spend 30 minutes experimenting with developing software. At the end of the 30 minutes you delete the progress so far and start over with a new group.

The goal is that you should not be able to complete the program, but instead you should concentrate on software development best practices such as testing, documentation, pair-programming, and even refactoring came into play.

In this talk I will talk about my experiences at my first Code Retreat and how it has impacted my software development since.

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