May 11, 2012 President's Council Summary Notes

Present for all items:  Tom Bogdan, Maura Hagan, Hanne Mauriello, Katy Schmoll, Kathy Strand, and Roger Wakimoto

Present for Item 3:  Aneka Finely and Susan Friberg

Present for Item 4:  Justin Young

Summary notes written by Susan Montgomery-Hodge

1.  Conference Expenditures.

Katy Schmoll led discussion concerning the increased federal scrutiny of conference expenditures.  She has shared the General Services Administration’s Management Deficiency Report with all UCAR conference planning staff and will hold a town meeting in June to answer questions staff might have.  Roger Wakimoto asked that Schmoll address the NCAR Executive Committee about this issue at their next meeting when the NCAR Lab administrators would also be invited.  Hanne Mauriello also asked that Schmoll address the UCP Administrators about this issue at their next meeting.

 2.  NCAR Strategic Plan.

 Roger Wakimoto reported on the planning efforts to get the community’s input on NCAR’s next strategic plan.  A key part of this will be getting UCAR members involved at the October 16th-17th annual UCAR Members’ meeting in Boulder.  

 3.  Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting. 

 Susan Friberg reviewed the final agenda for the May 15th-17th Board of Trustees meeting, which will be held at the AGU headquarters.

 4.  Indirect Cost Pools.

 Tom Bogdan led a discussion on the next steps to making a decision on the indirect cost pool budgets.

 5.  The President’s Council adjourned at 10:15am.

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May 21, 2012 to May 25, 2012