April 23, 2012 President's Council Summary Notes

 Present for all items:  Tom Bogdan, Maura Hagan, Hanne Mauriello, Katy Schmoll, Kathy Strand, and Roger Wakimoto

Present for Item 1:  Aneka Finely and Susan Friberg

Present for Item 2:  Delaine Orendorff

Summary notes written by Susan Montgomery-Hodge

 1.  May Board of Trustees Agenda.

 Tom Bogdan reviewed the draft agenda for the May 15-17th Board of Trustees meeting, which will be held at the AGU headquarters.

2.  Compensation.

 Delaine Orendorff reported on the information and recommendations concerning merit salary increases gathered from the F&A Management Council, the NCAR Executive Committee, and the UCP Directors.  The President’s Council agreed upon a recommendation which will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for their consideration at their May 15-17th meeting.

3.  Roles and Functions of the President’s Council.

 Bogdan led discussion on his revised draft of the roles and functions of the President’s Council (PC).  It was agreed that issues brought to the monthly PC meeting will be substantive in importance and wide-reaching in their impacts across the organization.  Information items will be addressed in the weekly tag up meetings starting in May or distributed in some type of electronic format. 

4.  University Relations and Visitor Programs.

 Bogdan shared some of the feedback he is gathering on his university visits.  A consistent theme is requesting the growth of NCAR and UCP visitor programs to allow additional opportunities for increased interaction.  It was acknowledged that some of our best ambassadors are the young scientists who came here as graduate visitors and postdocs.  Increasing the number of NCAR scientists who go to a university, teach a course, interact with students, and develop potential future collaborative connections was also viewed as desirable.  There was discussion about encouraging and supporting NCAR or UCP scientists going to a university for a semester.

5.  Honors Wall.

 Katy Schmoll gave kudos to Helen Moshak and her staff for the NCAR Wall of Honor.  She reported that they have received feedback that visitors are impressed with the layout and beautiful design.  Plans are to display additional types of awards in the Damon Room’s east bookcase.   

6.  Space.

 Bogdan announced that at the request of the NCAR Directorate and RAL, RAL will remain in FL2.  UCP will return to FL4 as planned.  Finance and Administration and the President’s Office will move into FLA.  The exact timeline and move dates are still being finalized.

7.  Maintenance.

 Katy Schmoll stated that at an upcoming PC meeting, Matt McMullen will be presenting an option for a 20-year replacement roof on the RAF facility.  Although NSF contributes $1.5M annually to a fund for maintaining NSF-owned buildings, maintenance costs continue to rise.  As a result, there is a long and growing list of maintenance related issues to be completed on NSF-owned buildings.

8.  The President’s Council adjourned at 11:45am.

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May 8, 2012 to May 18, 2012