ASP Thompson Lecture - Managing Arctic Sea Ice

The ASP Thompson Lecture Series for 2012 begins with a visit from, Stephanie Pfirman, Professor of Environmental Science at Barnard College - Columbia University.

Abstract: Warming of the Arctic and decreasing sea ice extent is stimulating increased interests in both development of resources and conservation of habitats, raising questions about how to manage remaining ice resources. Warming is also causing changes in sea-ice formation and melt regions. Analyzing satellite-derived sea ice formation and melt from the perspective of national Exclusive Economic Zones, shows that these changes are having an influence on ice dynamics. Sea ice is moving faster, and there is greater interchange of ice between the marginal seas. These changes increase the chance for any accidental releases into ice to impact the coastal habitat of other nations. Future resource management strategies would therefore have to include basin-scale monitoring, forecasting and planning.

When: 3:30 p.m., Wednesday 16 May 2012Where: Foothills Lab 2, Large Auditorium

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May 7, 2012 to May 16, 2012