UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - March 16, 2012

Present for all items:  Tom Bogdan, Jack Fellows, Katy Schmoll, Kathy Strand, and Roger WakimotoPresent for items via teleconference except for Items 1, 3, and 4: Maura HaganPresent for Item 1:  Matt HirschlandPresent for Item 2:  LuAnna Allapowa, Delaine Orendorff, and Bob RoeschPresent for Item 5:  Aneka Finley and Susan FribergPresent for Item 6:  Marion HammondSummary notes written by Susan Montgomery-HodgePlease view current and all previous summary notes at the following link:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.1.  Communications Strategy.Matt Hirschland chronicled our Office of Communications’ performance and strategy for the organization, focusing on the current science-to-applications campaign.  Stories about our unique basic science, facilities, Member Universities, funders, and applications are being developed which address the current funding environment as well as questions received about our overall impacts.  He also demonstrated the AtmosNews web “re-skin” that provides a customizable Drupal template for those seeking an off-the-shelf web solution.  The template is tested, available, and can be tailored and color themed to meet program, lab, and division needs.  ACTION:  The President's Council endorsed the "AtmosNews" web template being offered as a means to assure the ongoing transition to Drupal.  Not only is the template a customizable solution, it will meet the goal of providing a consistent look and feel among our many unique websites.2.  Compensation.Delaine Orendorff reviewed multiple compensation issues, challenges, and trends.  ACTION:  Additional presentations will be made to the NCAR Executive Committee, the UCP Directors, and the F&A Managers so that the President’s Council has the input of these managers before making a decision.3.  Collocation Options for Computing.Aaron Andersen reviewed the history and rationale behind the 2005-2006 plan to gradually consolidate computing facilities.  Of the 20 computing rooms at that time, six have been closed and consolidated. He also reviewed the constraints and capacity of the four designated collocation spaces in Boulder.  ACTION:  The President’s Council asked the Computing Facilities Implementation Committee (CFIC) to complete additional cost analysis of two options and return to the Council with a recommendation. 4.  Six-Point Plan.Bogdan discussed the feedback he received from the Board of Trustees at their February 28th-29th meeting on his Six-Point Plan.  More information on the Six-Point Plan can be found in Bogdan’s February Board of Trustees blog.  ACTION:  At the May 15th-16th Board of Trustees’ meeting, Bogdan will present a specific implementation plan including objectives and milestones on two areas of his Six-Point Plan:  improving the university partnership and increasing base funding for NSF Earth sciences.5.  May 15th-16th Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting.Susan Friberg led the discussion and reviewed the agenda for the May 15th-16th BOT meeting.  The BOT retreat will be held August 22nd-23rd.  Location options are currently under consideration.  Holding part or all of the BOT and the Members’ October meetings at the NWSC was also discussed.  ACTION:  Friberg will investigate possible meeting arrangements in Wyoming.6.  Space.Marion Hammond reviewed several scenarios in regard to space options.  The President’s Council discussed draft space criteria to be considered as we move forward. 7.  President’s Council Charter.The President’s Council reviewed and discussed Bogdan’s draft charter of the roles and functions of the President’s Council.  Although Bogdan has the ultimate responsibility to the Board of Trustees for decisions, he relies heavily on the President’s Council members to provide appropriate and strategic information.  Bogdan referred to the book, “Death By Meeting,” before defining the function and purpose of the weekly tactical, monthly strategic, and quarterly review President’s Council meetings. 8.  NCAR Update.Wakimoto confirmed that the FY13 ABR exercises have been received from the Labs.  He and Hagan will be meeting with each Lab Director to drill down into the details of each budget. 9.  UCP Update.Fellows detailed current funding for each of the UCP programs.9.  F&A Update.Schmoll reported on a legal issue related to the geothermal drilling performed for the Anthes building.10.  President’s Office Update.Bogdan related some recent potential funding opportunities being explored. The President’s Council adjourned at 2:40 pm. 

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