NCAR becomes a member of ESIP

In January 2012, NCAR became a member of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), joining other UCP ESIP members, including Unidata, GLOBE, and DLESE. ESIP is an open networked community of over 120 organizations that brings together science, data and information technology researchers and practitioners. ESIP provides an open opportunity for any interested UCAR/NCAR individuals to get involved with working groups and clusters on a variety of data and information topics, ranging from Climate Forecasting (CF) Data Standards to Visualization.ESIP also holds two annual meetings that bring together individuals from member organizations to present new work, discuss current collaborations, and start new projects. NCAR is currently organizing interested individuals to coordinate a strong presence at the next ESIP meeting, July 17-20, 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin.

See for more information about ESIP, and for the current ESIP collaboration topics. For more information on how to become involved with ESIP, including participating in the July ESIP meeting, contact the current NCAR representative, Mike Daniels, of EOL's Computing, Data, and Software (CDS) Facility (email:

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Announcement Timing: 
April 9, 2012