Suggestion Boxes for the UCAR President

The suggestion boxes that were discussed in Tom Bogdan’s Meet and Greets with staff have now been installed and are ready for use.  Directions for finding them are listed below.Mesa Lab – From the front entrance take a left and go down the hallway, make another left before the stairs (past the women’s restroom), make a right down the next hallway, make a right into the vending machine area.  The box is located to the left of the bulletin boards before you enter the cafeteria.Foothills Lab 2 – From the front entrance make a right, go past the staircase, make a left and go past the rest rooms down the hall.  The suggestion box will be on your right, across from the double doors to the large seminar room (1022).  Center Green 1 – From the front entrance go through the lobby, make a right at the end of the lobby.  The suggestion box is located across from the restrooms.  Jeffco (RMMA) – From the front entrance, make a left down the hallway.  The first door on the right is the break room (106A), and the suggestion box is located behind the door.  NWSC (Cheyenne) – From the front entrance doors (if not assigned to the NWSC, check in with Security) pass through the Visitor Center, turn left and go down the public hallway in front of the vending machines.  At the end of the hall you will need to badge into the Network Operations Center (NOC) through the door to the right.  Once inside turn right, you will see the bulletin board on the East wall.  The suggestion box is to the right of the bulletin board.

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March 28, 2012 to April 13, 2012