SEA Seminar - Using the Open Monitoring Distribution(Nagios) to Monitor Complex Hardware/Software Systems

When: 2012 March 29th @ 3:10pmWhere: CG1-1214 North Auditorium 3-5pm

Abstract:First, this talk briefly describes the Open Monitoring Distribution(OMD) which bundles Nagios with many important add-ons. This talk shows how using the check_mk software greatly simplifies deploying Nagios. Next, this presentation explains how I developed check_mk plug-ins to monitor EOL's data acquisition and product generation software on the S-Pol radar. The talk describes how we added hardware to the S-Pol radar to monitor environmental conditions and hardware faults and the check_mk plugins that reported this status. This talk also explains how we configured Nagios to use a cell phone to send SMS (text message) alerts to notify our technicians and engineers when faults occurred. Finally, this talk explains how the S-Pol monitoring system allowed EOL field staff to work shorter hours, but still operate the S-Pol radar 24x7.

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March 26, 2012 to March 29, 2012