UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - February 17, 2012

Present for all items:  Tom Bogdan, Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, and Katy SchmollPresent for all items except Item 1: Kathy StrandPresent for Item 4:  Marion Hammond, Hanne Mauriello, Helen Moshak, and Jeff ReavesPresent for Item 5:  Aneka Finley, Susan Friberg, Meg McClellan, and Cindy SchmidtPresent for Item 6:  Rena Brasher-Alleva and Cindy SchmidtSummary notes written by Susan Montgomery-Hodge

Previous and current summary notes may be read at:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.1.  Interim Chief of Staff.  Tom Bogdan discussed the interim Chief of Staff (COS) position which will assist him in these initial, critical months of his UCAR President transition.  With Bogdan’s extensive travel and his outward directed efforts, this position will help ensure that important internal activities are completed, and nothing is dropped.  Kathy Strand will fill the COS position temporarily until approximately August. 2.  NCAR Day at the NSF.  Bogdan related Michael Morgan’s idea of hosting an NCAR Day at the NSF.  The focus is to showcase NCAR’s strengths to other NSF Directorates which might be interested in partnering in some area with NCAR.  Highlights would include areas that distinguish NCAR as a national center as well as the supercomputing center having a significant educational component.  ACTION: Maura Hagan will lead a task team to scope out an appropriate program.  Hagan will work with Morgan to select a date.  The President’s Council will be involved and consulted as plans progress. 3.  Snow Closure.  Katy Schmoll reviewed the issues and process considered when a decision is made to close the organization for inclement weather.  With the change in policy allowing only non-exempt staff to charge their salary to a closure account, the cost is about $75K.  However, other costs such as food not used for large conferences is harder to estimate.  Conferences are difficult to deal with, especially when attendees come in from out of town.  The Events Services staff will meet with the conference organizers across the organization and discuss appropriate special arrangements when a conference is in progress during inclement weather.  ACTION:  Schmoll will develop high-level guidance and criteria regarding closures.  The actual policies and procedures will not change, but the implementation will.  4.  Refunding 2002 and 2003 Funds.  The President’s Council approved Dan Wilson and Katy Schmoll submitting the refunding of the 2002 and 2003 funds to the Board of Trustees Audit and Finance Committee on February 27th. 5.  Space. Marion Hammond reviewed the office and cubicle space availability at the Mesa Lab, Center Green, and Foothills Labs campuses.   6.  ABR-type Activity for Indirect Cost Pools.  Bogdan explained his desire to understand the indirect cost pools, learn how decisions are made, and see if adjustments can be made going forward.  Guidance is needed soon on the development of the indirect cost pool for FY13 budgets.  7.  Board of Trustees Meeting. Jack reviewed the draft agenda for the Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for February 27th – 29th (http://www.ucar.edu/governance/meetings/feb12/index.shtml).  Cindy Schmidt discussed the plans regarding the advocacy document, which, after the Board’s input, will be sent to the community.  Problems and opportunities received from the community will be folded into the document by Schmidt. 8.  Updates from President’s Council Members.  Bogdan explained that the PC updates are an opportunity to share information with the other President’s Council members. If other staff are needed for a particular item, they can be included as needed.  When the weekly “tag up” meetings start occurring with the PC, this may not be needed.NCAR: Maura Hagan highlighted some ideas to honor Leslie Forehand’s contributions to the organization.  Mary Marlino will present a formal proposal, consistent with our policies, for the PC’s consideration.  Rena Brasher-Alleva reviewed NCAR’s funding status.UCP:  Jack Fellows reported on the status of the UCP budgets.F&A:  Jeff Reaves reported on disclosures UCAR made regarding three potential ITAR violations over the last year, the outcomes, and measures taken to correct the situations.  Reaves stated that this shows the export compliance program is working, and possible violations are being identified and corrected.  HR has created an e-learning program to allow more staff to be trained.  Reaves’ report will be given to the Board’s Audit and Finance Committee on February 27th. President’s Office:  Bogdan is going to the NWSC on March 8th for the Meet and Greet with staff and share the good news about the provision of the operating costs.  He will also meet the Wyoming Governor and express his appreciation for the wonderful partnership that has developed among the state of Wyoming, Cheyenne-LEADS, the University of Wyoming, NCAR, and UCAR.  In addition, he will meet with members of the Wyoming legislature, who are coming for a tour that afternoon.  Plans are being developed for a formal opening later this year. Bogdan stated that all the Meet and Greet town halls have been very productive, and he has enjoyed meeting staff.  He plans to do the Meet and Greets on an annual basis.  He commended those who scheduled these events and handled the logistics. 9.  The President’s Council adjourned at 3:45 pm. 

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