Volunteer as a mentor!

SOARS and the Spark Pre-College Internship (formerly HIRO) is recruiting mentors for our summer 2012 programs:

SOARS (May 22 - August 3)

Research mentor

The research mentor works with their protégé on a research topic of mutual interest, discussing the project, guiding research, teaching scientific methods, and helping the protégé with their research paper and presentation.   

Writing mentor

A writing mentor offers one-on-one feedback to their protégé on writing and presentations. The writing mentor supplements the instruction protégés receive in their weekly writing workshop. 

Computing mentor

The computing mentor helps the protégé learn the computing skills necessary to complete their project. Mentoring includes providing one-on-one tutoring, recommending resources and helping debug or troubleshoot code.


Each first-year SOARS protégé is assigned a coach to help the protégé develop solutions to troubling situations by helping them define the problem, envision the way they would like things to be, and develop and implement steps to get there.  

Spark Pre-College Internship (June 21-August 3)

Research mentor

The research mentor spends two days each week guiding their Spark intern through a small project and teaching basic scientific methods.

Community mentor

Community mentors are provided for Spark interns who are not from Boulder or the surrounding area.  The mentor's role is to help these students feel comfortable during their summer in Boulder through extra-curricular activities such as hiking, sharing meals, shopping, etc.

Please visit http://spark.ucar.edu/longcontent/get-involved-spark for more information on how to be a mentor.  Apply at http://spark.ucar.edu/forms/volunteer-be-mentor.

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February 16, 2012 to March 31, 2012