UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - January 20, 2012

Present for all agenda items: Tom Bogdan, Jack Fellows, Katy Schmoll, and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1:  Cindy SchmidtPresent for Items 2, 3 and 4:  Aneka Finley, Michelle Flores, Susan Friberg, and Meg McClellan Present for Item 5:  Caron Chambers, Meg McClellan, Michelle Travis, and Dan WilsonPresent for Item 6:  Aaron Andersen, Mark Bradford, Geoff Cheeseman, Marla Meehl, Matt McMullen, Melissa Miller, Amy Moore, Michelle Travis, Dan Wilson, Shawn Winkelman, and Justin Young

Summary notes written by Susan Montgomery-Hodge.Current and previous summary notes can be viewed at:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc.1.  FY12 Advocacy Strategy. Cindy Schmidt reviewed the draft FY12-13 advocacy document, which focuses on high-level goals to help guide OGA and UCAR advocacy actions.  After additional iterations with the President’s Council, the advocacy strategy will be discussed with and approved by the Board of Trustees at their February 27-29 meeting.  A formal community policy committee will be created, which will include not only university representatives but also other community sectors, such as the AMS.  Committee participants would include members’ representatives who have been active and responsive to OGA action alerts, early career faculty, a board member, as well as members’ representatives from congressional districts with key committee membership. The advocacy strategy will also include increased collaboration with groups such as the Weather Coalition, the Alliance for Earth Observations, the AGU, etc.  This has proven helpful in areas such as congressional briefings and recruiting panelists from the community.  Attendance at these briefings has greatly increased as our “brand” is becoming better known on the Hill.  UCAR’s convening capacity to bring together a broad cross section of people in addressing the highest level community issues needs to be promoted, especially regarding areas such as a national climate/weather modeling strategy, a national computing strategy, and a national observing system.   2.  UCAR Bylaws. Meg McClellan reviewed proposed “housekeeping” bylaw changes to codify current practices and reflect revised Colorado statutes.  More substantive bylaw changes will be discussed with the trustees at their February meeting.  The long-term goal is to make the bylaws a living, 21st century document that serves this organization well.  To go forward, the process should be as simple as possible.  Creating a board governance committee will be discussed with the board chair.  A governance committee would include at least one trustee and one member representative.Members will vote on the housekeeping bylaw changes in October.  Bogdan will meet with Fellows, McClellan, Friberg, and Finley and others to discuss more substantive bylaw changes being considered.  He will also meet with interested staff to discuss the PACUR charge and spring meeting.  The President’s Council approved the above plan of action. 3.  Electronic Voting.Susan Friberg presented the many ways that electronic voting would streamline procedures at the members’ meeting, provide additional security and trustworthiness of the process, as well as offer an excellent mechanism for feedback via online surveys.  Voting electronically does not require a bylaw change.  Aneka Finley demonstrated an online ballot.  AMS uses an e-ballot similar to this. The Council agreed to go forward with the electronic voting discussion at the Board’s February meeting.4.  Board of Trustees Agenda.Changes to the February Board of Trustees’ agenda were discussed, including allowing more time for discussion of substantive issues.  Friberg will send the revised agenda to the board chair and get his feedback.  Solicitation of new board members, including the areas of representation needed on it, will also be discussed with the board.  The February board dinner with the President’s Council will be social, rather than issue-driven, and held at a local restaurant. 5.  Refinancing of the 2002 and 2003 Bonds.Dan Wilson presented the pros and cons of moving forward with refinancing of the 2002 and 2003 bonds.  The Council declined to approve this action at present.  They also decided to defer discussion of the indirect cost pools’ budgets until the May 11th President’s Council meeting.  6.  FY12 General Purpose Capital Equipment Expenditures and FY12-13 Requests.Dan Wilson reviewed the status of approved FY12 expenditures.  Additions for the FY13 cycle were then discussed.  Continued expenditures for the FY12 projects were approved.  The FY13 requests have been deferred until the FY13 indirect cost pools are reviewed.  7.  President’s Council Meeting Strategy Going Forward. The Council discussed Bogdan’s plans of weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings.  Weekly meetings will be via teleconference, less than an hour long, and include brief updates and transaction of necessary business.  The monthly meetings will be restructured significantly.  Quarterly half-day meetings would be focused on an issue of strategic importance.  8.  Meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.

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