CIGNA Medical Health Insurance

Employees who are enrolled in either CIGNA medical plan (PPO or the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)) for 2012 will receive a new ID card in the mail. You will notice that the appearance and the verbiage on the card are different than on your 2011 card. During UCAR’s renewal with CIGNA for 2012, UCAR changed the physician network to the “Open Access Plus” network. This network provides lower negotiated rates with a larger network of doctors. As always, we recommend you visit every year to confirm that your doctor continues to be an “in-network” provider. We have been assured that there will be very minimal changes to the providers utilized by UCAR employees.

UCAR’s decision to change to the “Open Access Plus” physician network resulted in a new name on your ID card: Choice Fund OA Plus (instead of Choice Fund PPO, which referred to the High Deductible Health Plan, or HDHP).

The second change you’ll notice on the card is a 10% coinsurance (i.e., PCP Visit 10%). This represents an additional 10% for which you are responsible after you have met your deductible. This, too, was part of the change to the “Open Access Plus” network for 2012. After your deductible is met, CIGNA will pay 90% of claims exceeding the deductible and you will pay 10%, up to an out-of-pocket maximum which includes the deductible.You’ll also note that your new card refers to a “PCP visit” or Primary Care Physician visit. This is technically an “Office Visit” since our plans do not require you select a Primary Care Physician.

For employees who have selected the CIGNA PPO option for 2012, this plan has changed its name to the CIGNA OAP1 (Open Access Plus). Similar to the High Deductible Plan outlined above, once the deductible is met, CIGNA will pay 90% of the claims exceeding the deductible and you will pay 10%, up to an out -of-pocket maximum of $2,500 (which includes the deductible).

For more detail regarding the 2012 Cigna changes, please review the “Benefits Bulletin 2012”.

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January 3, 2012 to January 6, 2012