GTP Workshop: Wave-Turbulence Interactions in Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layers

Date: 23-27 July 2012 (Public sessions on July 25 and 26 only)Location: NCARBuilding: Center Green 1, Center Auditorium

Organizing CommitteeJielun Sun, NCARLarry Mahrt, Oregon State University|Carmen Nappo, CJN Research Meteorology


A few “clean” gravity waves with nearly constant amplitude and period have been observed in the atmospheric boundary layer. Most of the atmospheric “waves” or wave-like disturbances associated with turbulence intermittency in stable boundary layers are associated with only a few cycles with varying amplitude and period. These “wave packets” are often further degraded through generation of the intermittent turbulence. We need to determine how these ubiquitous wave packets lead to intermittent turbulence and how turbulence feedback on the wave-like disturbances, that is the main objectives of this workshop. Understanding interactions between wave-like disturbances and turbulence is critical for dealing with turbulence parameterization and improving numerical model performance under stable conditions.

Registration and Contributed Talks

The registration for the workshop is free but is required for all participants. The registration deadline is 31 May 2012. The participants are responsible for their own travel needs.

For those who would like to contribute to the workshop objectives by presenting their work at the workshop, a title and a short abstract (about a half page) are required at the registration site. Selection of abstracts for presentation will be completed by 15 June. 

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    December 21, 2011 to July 23, 2012