Wildfire Mitigation Project – Phase I complete!

Facilities Management & Sustainability (FMS) is pleased to announce that the first phase of UCAR’s wildfire mitigation project on the NSF-owned land surrounding the Mesa Lab is complete.  Thank you for your patience over the past two months. In Phase I, our contracted forestry team worked to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire to our staff, buildings and visitors by: removing dead, dying and poorly formed trees that presented a fire or pine beetle risk, and removing lower limbs from healthy trees to reduce the risk of fire damage to those trees. “Snags,” dead trees used for wildlife nesting, were identified and maintained to support a healthy local ecosystem.  Trees removed from the site were recycled into lumber and mulch.

Phase II timing is weather-dependent and will occur in March or April of 2012. You can learn more in this May 2011 article in Staff Notes.

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Announcement Timing: 
November 28, 2011 to November 30, 2011