UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 11 November 2011

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Tom Bogdan (with Yeti, the service dog in training), Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll, and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1: Bob RoeschPresent for Item 2: Mason Harris and Jeff ReavesPresent for Item 3: Rena Brasher-Alleva and Hanne Mauriello Present for Item 4: Meg McClellan, Jeff Reaves, and Dan WilsonPresent for Item 5: Meg McClellan, Jeff Reaves, and Cindy SchmidtPresent for Item 6: Matt Hirschland, Meg McClellan, Susan Montgomery-Hodge, and Cindy SchmidtPresent for Item 7: Matt Hirschland and Cindy SchmidtPresent for Item 8: Matt Hirschland, Susan Montgomery-Hodge, Cindy Schmidt, and Susie Siders

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We convened at 8:00 am in the Fleischmann Building Board Room.  Rick welcomed Yeti, the Black Labrador service dog in training, who was accompanying Tom Bogdan.

1.   Salary Increase Assumption for FY13.

Bob Roesch presented an analysis of salaries and compa-ratios in UCAR for FY11, with an outlook for what the market for comparable institutions are showing for CY12.  This is to help us make an estimate for salary increases as we begin to prepare our indirect cost budgets for FY13.  We agreed on a three percent salary budget for planning purposes, realizing that this number may well change.

2.       Enterprise Risk Management.

Katy introduced Mason Harris, an intern from CU, who talked about the work he has done in developing a framework for UCAR Enterprise Risk Assessment and Management. The best feature of the methodology is that it is highly interactive and involves managers and their staff, evaluating and rating the risks in their area. Mason has developed an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet based “survey” that leads staff through a process that results in the identification of the most serious risks and mitigation efforts related to those risks. The President’s Council approved the approach. Katy and Mason will begin a series of pilot efforts with a few groups within the Labs and Programs to test the methodology and spreadsheet. This effort came about after a recommendation from the UCAR Board of Trustees Audit and Finance Committee that UCAR develop a formal process for Enterprise Risk Assessment and Management. The recent NSF Management Review Site Visit Team made a similar recommendation.

3.        NCAR and UCP Budget Updates.


Jack provided an update on UCP’s FY 2012 and FY 2013 budget outlook.   UCP is anticipating the FY12 MTDC to be ~$1.5M more than the FY11 level and an over recovery of ~$163K.  Jack said that it was just too early to get reliable MTDC estimates for FY13.


Roger and Rena provided an update on NCAR’s FY 2012 and FY 2013 budget outlook.  There remains a high level of uncertainty around NSF’s budget.  NCAR has done some preliminary contingency planning and is waiting for more information to come out of the federal appropriation process. There will be a NSF/AGS and NCAR planning retreat in early January to discuss AGS and NCAR priorities as we plan for FY 2013.

4.        Debt Service Float Sale.

Dan Wilson updated the Council on the status of the 2004 Debt Service Forward Delivery Agreement (DSFDA) related to the 2001, 2002, and 2003 debt series.  Since UCAR recently refunded the 2001 debt and a portion of the 2002 debt, a revision to the DSFDA cash flow schedule is necessary; and the third party provider, Wells Fargo, is requiring a new UCAR Board resolution and external credit agency rating of the 2011A & B debt, in order to continue the agreement.  The Council approved the action to continue the DSFSA, pending UCAR Board approval.

5.        Recompetition Meeting at NSF.

Roger, Maura and Katy attended a meeting of the NSF Business Operations Advisory Committee Recompetition Subcommittee. The Subcommittee charge is to provide recommendations to NSF on how to implement the National Science Board resolution on competition and recompetition with regard to “Large Facilities,” i.e. Federally Funded Research and Development Centers, like NCAR, and those funded through the Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction program. Katy reported that the Subcommittee appeared to believe that competitions every five years are disruptive and expensive. They also clearly understand the differences between the various facilities in size, scope, and complexity. The Subcommittee will submit draft recommendations by 31 December 2011 and a final report by 31 March 2012. 

6.        Awards for Non-UCAR Employees.

Meg McClellan, Susan Montgomery-Hodge and Katy raised the question of the appropriate way to honor external nominees within a group of UCAR employees who are nominated for the annual, internal UCAR awards.  There is a concern that monetary awards may violate subcontracts and other agreements so that some external awardees would be eligible for monetary awards and others may not. The PC agreed that non-UCAR employees may be recognized as part of an award and receive a medal, but they will not be eligible for a monetary award.

7.        Transition Document.

Jack passed out copies of the 2008 Transition Document (short-version) and briefly described the current effort to develop a Transition Document for the 2012 election season.  There was strong support for a 2012 version, and Jack outlined that the 2012 document would focus on the impact of weather and climate on the economy and how our efforts contribute to economic growth, technology development, and job creation.  The document will also include high-level program and management recommendations based on NRC and GAO reports.  Jack and Cindy will continue to work with a small community group to develop this document but allow other organizations to sign onto the document once it is completed. Drafts will be shown to the President’s Council and the Board of Trustees.

8.        Transition to New UCAR President.

We discussed plans to transition the UCAR presidency to Tom Bogdan effective Monday, 9 January 2012.  Tom is looking for a new office, and several options are being considered.  This will free up the Fleishmann Building for other uses.

9.        Management Review Report from NSF.

Because the report on the management review in October has not been received and we discussed the oral outbrief yesterday at the UCAR Management Committee and the NCAR Directors’ Committee, we deferred discussion of this item until the December President’s Council meeting.

10.     Unstructured Discussion.

Katy raised the issue of the importance of PIs and Administrators paying attention to unique award terms in their agreements. Several instances have come up recently where non-compliance with award terms has resulted in unallowable costs. The Council agreed that any costs due to non-compliance will be paid out of Lab or Program STORM funds.

Jack mentioned that he was co-authoring an article with Greg Hakim on the role and activities of PACUR.  He wanted to make sure that Tom Bogdan did not have plans to change PACUR before he started the article.  We decided that no significant changes to PACUR were needed at this time.

We adjourned at 1:00 pm.

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