FL1/2/3/0 Water Service Interruption – Saturday 5 November

All water service to FL1, FL2, FL3, and FL0 will be shut down on Saturday 5 November beginning shortly after midnight. Potable and fire sprinkler water service to all four buildings will be affected, and all four buildings will be closed to personnel not directly involved in the outage. This outage is required to replace failing valves between the FL1/2/3 fire pump and the city water main.

Cooling and heating to all four buildings will be unavailable during this outage, but critical rooms with dedicated cooling will not be affected - including FL12142A, FL22076, FL23095, FL32046, and FL33099/3100. The work will not affect electrical service, but due to the absence of cooling occupants are advised to shut down office workstations.

Maintenance will restore water, heating, and cooling to the campus as quickly as possible after the work is complete, likely by Saturday evening. However, if required, the outage and associated closure will extend into Sunday. UCAR Security will be apprised of the status of the closure throughout the weekend and can be reached at 303-497-1139.

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November 2, 2011 to November 4, 2011