UCAR President's Council Summary Notes - 21 October 2011

Present for all agenda items: Rick Anthes, Tom Bogdan, Jack Fellows, Maura Hagan, Katy Schmoll, and Roger WakimotoPresent for Item 1: Sue SchaufflerPresent for Item 2: Marion Hammond, Hanne Mauriello, Matt McMullen, and Helen MoshakPresent for Item 3: Hanne Mauriello, Helen Moshak, and Raj Pandya Present for Item 4: Peter Backlund, Rena Brasher-Alleva, Helen Moshak, and Jeff ReavesPresent for Item 5: Rena Brasher-Alleva, Hanne Mauriello, and Helen MoshakPresent for Item 6: Aneka Finley and Susan Friberg

To view current and previous summary notes, please go to the following link:  https://www.ucar.edu/inside/internal/pc. 

We convened at 8:00 am in the Fleischmann Building Board Room.  Rick welcomed Tom Bogdan, who will become UCAR’s President on 9 January 2012.

1.  Marshall Field Oversight Group.

Sue Schauffler presented an update on the Marshall Field site.  She is the chair of the oversight group charged with monitoring all of the activities at this site.  Sue reported on recent clean-up efforts, as well as providing an overview of the instruments supported by NOAA, COSMIC, EOL and RAL.  There are power and building maintenance issues that will be addressed in the near future.  The President’s Council suggested that she make the same presentation to the UMC since it contained a wealth of information that would be of interest to staff.

2.  Space Review Update.

Helen Moshak and Marion Hammond presented the annual update on space needs, including projections for staff and visitors. Through FY 2012, there are projected surplus offices at Foothills and Center Green, somewhat offset by a deficit of offices at the Mesa Lab.  Jack asked about the timing of the Master Space Plan update, recommending that the results of the update be reviewed by the Council before we make significant staff space adjustments.  The Plan will be completed in late Spring 2012.

3.  Mentoring Update.

Helen and Raj presented various scenarios for piloting and scaling up a UCAR/NCAR/UCP mentoring program, using a blend of external consultants and internal staffing. The President’s Council favored a "midlevel" scenario that balanced external consultants with internal staffing, estimated to cost $75K devoted to a consultant, with internal UCAR program management staffing of .25 FTE initially, decreasing to 0.10 over time.  The President’s Council asked that this midlevel scenario be proposed as part of the overall FY2013 budget planning process and that any RFPs to hire consultants be postponed, pending the outcome of the budget process.

4.  Response to the Management Review.

The Council agreed that the NSF review of UCAR and NCAR management earlier in the week was extremely thorough.  Based on the review brief at the end, we are pleased that the review will be positive overall.  There will be some recommendations for both us and NSF that we will carefully consider when we receive the written report, which should be in two to three weeks.

5.  NCAR and UCP Budget Updates.

Jack said that the UCP budget situation has not changed significantly from last month.  UCP is estimating ~$150K over recovery in FY11.  Most of the UCP funding ups and downs are due to timing.

Roger provided a status of the outcome of the FY 2011 Base Operating Budget.  NCAR received its NSF budget for FY 2011 in August.  Planning for FY 2012 is complete, pending additional information on our budget.  Rena provided an update on the NCAR indirect variance.  FY 2011 ended with a negative $688K variance (under recovery).  NCAR was able to reduce some indirect spending to help bring the variance down.  The primary reason for the under recovery is that MTDC spending was lower than originally projected, particularly in non-NSF funding.  Some awards were reduced or delayed, resulting in less MTDC spending.

6.  Review of Recent October Meetings.

Jack outlined his observations and action items from the Board, Members, PACUR, and Alliance Workshop meetings.  Overall, the Board meeting went smoothly.  We clearly had issues with the election process during the Members meeting.  We all agreed that the elections process should be flawless.  Action items being considered include pre-meeting teleconferences to go over presenter roles and responsibilities, ensuring presenters are capable, taking more care in committee membership, providing members with hard copies of candidate packages, and double reviews on all slides.  There were also conflicting comments from the members on the burden of membership renewals.  The membership committee has already started to examine further streamlining of that process, including best practices and exemplary renewal packages.  We also discussed the PACUR post-mortem of the Members meeting.

7.  NSF Policy on Recompetition.

NSF has invited Roger, Maura, Rana Fine (UCAR Board of Trustees member), and Katy to attend a meeting of the NSF Business Operations Advisory Committee Subcommittee on Recompetition. The purpose of the meeting is for the subcommittee to have the opportunity to hear from management of the major NSF multi-user facilities on recompetition under National Science Board policy.  The meeting will take place on 3 November 2011.

8.  Transition to New UCAR President.

Rick led a discussion of the transition to a new UCAR President over the next couple of months.  Tom will be meeting with each member of the Presidents Council and participating in the November and December President’s Council meetings, as well as any important long-range decisions, to the extent that his schedule permits.We adjourned at 1:00 pm.

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