Changes to NCAR's Telephone System

During a 2 hour maintenance window beginning at 7 p.m. Wednesday evening, Oct 26th, the following changes to the telephone system will be implemented:1) Caller-id for inbound calls from outside UCAR will display telephone numbers in E.164 format: +<country code><phone number>. This is also known as plus (+) dialing. For example, the United States' country code is 1. Caller-id on UCAR phones will display the phone number for inbound calls from the US as +1<area code><number>.2) One touch dialing will be supported from the Missed and Received Call logs. You will no longer have to edit the phone number before placing the call. Phone numbers are displayed in E.164 format in these logs.These changes do not affect:a) how you place calls - dial phone numbers the way you normally do b) voicemailPlease note that brief interruptions to the telephone system can be expected throughout the maintenance window. If you do experience any problems with your phone, please send an email to or call x1200.

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Announcement Timing: 
October 26, 2011