Business Ethics Seminar-What every employee needs to know

Business Ethics Seminar – What every employee needs to know Tuesday, November 29, 2011 10 am-12 pm CG4-2020 Presenter:  Katy Schmoll, VP Finance & Administration and UCAR Ethics Official

Business ethics doesn't just apply to senior managers; employees at every level of UCAR have a responsibility to conduct themselves in an ethical manner.  This seminar will help you approach your job with an awareness of the importance of ethics in our work setting and an understanding of what constitutes ethical behavior.  

Join Katy Schmoll, VP of Finance & Administration and UCAR Ethics Official, to learn more about UCAR's Ethics Program and associated policies and procedures that provide a framework for behavior expectations of all UCAR staff; discuss current case studies and real-life examples and what can be learned from them; and review some of the Federal and state laws UCAR is required to abide by as a government funded organization and how these impact the work we do.  This seminar is open to all staff. 

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October 26, 2011 to October 30, 2011