UCAR/NCAR Communicating Science Program

The UCAR-NCAR Communicating Science Program is collaborating with the National Science Foundation to hold a media workshop, "Science: Becoming the Messenger" on November 1-2, 2011, at Center Green.

This program is developed to enable staff at all levels and classifications involved in science communication to develop improved skills and capacity to interact with the media. The program involves participants grouping into small teams who work through a series of media activities, including the use of PowerPoint, video preparation and messaging, and blogging.

The program development was funded by the NSF, who are sponsoring one session per month at different locations around the country. They have been kind enough to allow us to provide it as an opportunity for staff.

The session is conducted by three accomplished communicators and trainers--former PBS executive Dan Agan, bestselling science author Chris Mooney and Emmy award winning television producer Joe Schreiber.

It will also include participation from the UCAR Communications Unit and E&O.

The session is broken into two distinct parts over two days:

  • Day 1: has a limit of 120 participants and goes through a series of detailed training sessions on everything from communication techniques and know-your-audience, to developing a message and carrying it through blog and video environments;
  • Day 2: is by invitation only and limited to ~15 participants who will go through a full immersion training on behind the scenes detail and communication subtleties.

If interested in attending Day 2, please  complete the questions where indicated on the registration form. If you are not interested, simply type N/A in the boxes.

Note:  There are a limited number of seats available for Day 1.  These will be allocated primarily on a first-come basis, so register early to ensure attendance. Also all participants must commit to the full day as each session builds on the other.

You can register at the website below.  The registration deadline is Monday, October 24, 2011.

We hope to see you there!

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October 7, 2011 to October 24, 2011