Reminder of the FY2012 NCAR Directorate Diversity Fund RFP - Due November 7, 2011

CO-SPONSORSHIP:  Preferred and evaluated in the review process.  Please note that regular staff salary may not be counted toward co-sponsorship.

FUNDING LIMITS PER PROJECT: Typically, a project is limited to no more than 2 rounds of funding.

We are now requesting proposals for FY12 NCAR Directorate Diversity Funds. Please go to the RFP web page link below for more details and supporting documentation.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE:   Close of business, November 7, 2011 

PROJECT DURATION: 12-24 months from award date.  The project must begin in the current fiscal year and may extend into the following fiscal year if required.   

MAXIMUM REQUEST PER PROPOSAL: $50,000 (total for all years)

NO-COST EXTENSIONS: subject to approval of NCAR Executive Committee and may not exceed six (6) months

Proposals will be reviewed by a review panel convened by the NCAR Diversity Committee.  The review panel will provide proposal review and ranking recommendations to the NCAR Executive Committee. The NCAR Executive Committee will make the final award decisions.

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October 4, 2011