NCAR Research Experience Institute (RETI) Final Presentations Schedule

Please join Education & Outreach for the final presentations of the NCAR Research Experience Institute (RETI).

Twelve middle and high school teachers will share the climate science classroom modules they developed this summer using science content and data from NCAR scientists and other local scientists.

Light refreshments will be served.

RETI Presentation Schedule

Thursday, July 28 – 1:00-5:00, Center Green 1 – South Auditorium


1:00                      Taylor Dufford and Steve Walder – Paleoclimate (Ice cores), Atmospheric chemistry

1:25                      Will Pratt – Atmospheric chemistry, Atmospheric composition, Paleoclimate (ice cores)

1:40                      Chris Schaumberg – Regional impacts of climate change (pine bark beetle), Ozone, HIPPO

Break 2:00-2:15


2:15                      Sarah Bruemmer and Nathan Hobbs – Paleoclimate (proxy data), Affects of climate change (consequences), Modeling, Atmospheric Science

2:40                      Steve Swenson – Impacts and solutions for climate change, Paleoclimate, Greenhouse gases

2:55                      Carol Schwendener – Local and global impacts of climate change, Solutions, Addressing skeptical statements, How we know what we know

Break 3:15-3:30


3:30                      Katy Tischler – Teaching basic climate science to middle school students with lower achievement and/or motivation levels

3:45                      Travis Steele – Paleoclimate, Impacts of climate change, Problems and solutions

4:00                      Jesse Oswald – Modeling and climate science


* One RETI teacher will be giving her presentation before 7/28

Tuesday July 26, 2:30, CG1 Room 2503

Jill Davis – Climate science and Earth system science, Inquiry based case studies, the ozone hole and hope for future policies, the economic impacts of snowpack in the Rockies

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July 26, 2011 to July 29, 2011