The 2011 NCAR ISP colloquium on African Weather and Climate

The 2011 NCAR ISP colloquium on African Weather and Climate The NCAR Integrated Science Program Summer Colloquium on African Weather and Climate: Unique Challenges and Application of New Knowledge takes place from 25 July to 5 August 2011 at NCAR. The aim is to educate, promote collaboration, and attract graduate students to research that has far-reaching consequences.  The colloquium will explore the unique land-ocean-atmosphere interactions in Africa, which present interesting challenges for research and applications. The focus will be on developing synthesized knowledge on African weather and climate and on applying modern tools of remote sensing, numerical simulation and prediction, statistical data analysis, and visualization to understand variability, make and interpret predictions, and optimize societal benefits.  In addition to lectures and group exercises, the colloquium will include: Student posters in FL2 Cafeteria Atrium, 25-27 July, 5 Aug Panel Discussion on Weather Forecasts and Applications: Challenges, Value, and Communication,  29 Jul, 3:30 pm, FL2 1022 Panel Discussion on Lessons learned: Pathways for successful collaboration between Africa and the US and across Africa, 5 Aug, 3:30 pm, FL2 1022 Co-sponsored by the NCAR Earth Systems Laboratory, NCAR Research and Applications Laboratory, World Climate Research Program, and Network Startup Resource Center.

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July 23, 2011 to August 5, 2011