UCAR Leave policies for Extended Illness or Injury

Did you know that there are policies providing protection to employees experiencing a serious illness or injury who require an extended period of time away from work? If the employee’s physician certifies that extended recovery time is needed, the employee may be eligible for Salary Continuation Pay (SCP) and may also have job protection through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Eligible employees qualify for SCP when the employee's physician certifies that the employee has a medical condition that has resulted in ten or more days' absence from work.  The first ten days’ absence is funded by the employee’s PTO or Sick Leave hours. For a condition requiring more than ten working days of absence, all succeeding days are paid at 100% of pay and benefits for the duration of the time the provider indicates up to 11 weeks. Please refer to the UCAR Leave Policy in the Benefits Manual for complete details. http://www.fin.ucar.edu/hr/benefits/manual/other02/leave_policy2009.html

In addition to SCP, the employee is also placed on protected FMLA leave for up to twelve weeks. Please review the FMLA Web site for additional information.  http://www.fin.ucar.edu/hr/benefits/fmla.html

Please notify Cyd Perrone in Human Resources at 303-497-8710 as soon as this situation arises.  She will review the benefits available to you and send you the certification form for your health care provider to complete.

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