New Honors and Awards Database for UCAR and NCAR

The new UCAR Honors and Awards Database is now available at database is now the single source for reporting and tracking honors and awards data for UCAR staff.  All prior and competing submission forms have been retired.  Anyone with a UCAS password may enter information about external awards and honors into the new database. Internal awards will continue to be handled by the President's Office.  Labs and Programs are responsible for ensuring that these metrics are reported annually.  Your lab or program administrator will coordinate this reporting, so please contact them for specific information on schedules, reporting and data input protocols. 

Thanks go to the following people for the successful launch:

Web Developer:John Fable (NCAR Director’s Office)

Metrics Managers:Barbara Ballard and Yoshiko Kaneda (NESL-CGD); Zhenya Gallon and Linda Korsgaard (UCAR Communications); Karen Griggs(RAL); Marcia Killingsworth (CISL);Amy Knack (HAO); Kris Marwitz (NESL-MMM); Susan Montgomery-Hodge and Susie Siders (UCAR President's Office); Barb Petruzzi (NESL-ACD)Ligea Ruff (UCAR Community Programs)Jan Wilmesmeier (EOL)Helen Moshak and Cindy Worster (NCAR Director's Office)

Internal UCAR Major Awards Metrics Managers:Susan Montgomery-Hodge and Susie Siders (UCAR President's Office); The database tracks the data entry, so the person who enters the data can also  edit or delete it.  The team of Metrics Managers listed above have global permissions to edit and delete data so if you need assistance please contact one of us for help.  You can also search, filter and download the data.  See the webpage for instructions. Web developers can access this data to populate web pages.  Please contact John Fable for more information.

UCAR Communications, the UCAR President’s Office and the NCAR Director’s office are notified after each entry in order to promote opportunities for public relations and celebration.  Using this data, UCAR Communications will continue to highlight awards from national and international organizations on the UCAR Honors and Awards webpage at

Will this event be webcast to the public by NCAR|UCAR?: 
Announcement Timing: 
June 14, 2011 to June 16, 2011